Should You Include Sweets with Your Wedding Invitations? Understanding the Etiquette

Wedding invitations are more than just a formal card you send to friends and relatives to invite them to your celebration. It’s a way to show gratitude they’re an important part of your life, so you want to share the most important day with them.

Nowadays, people create their own wedding invitations using tools like Adobe Express and similar design apps. It’s a great way to personalize the invitation and showcase your creativity. Also, you can often see additions to the invitation, like some liquor, sweets, or flowers, to make the whole inviting experience memorable.

Still, there are some concerns regarding the etiquette of giving sweets to the people you invite.

So, let’s discuss it a little:

Etiquette of Including Sweets with Wedding Invitations

Etiquette of Including Sweets with Wedding Invitations

First, it’s important to note that there aren’t pretty hard rules on including sweets (or other foods) in your wedding invitation. Still, you need to consider a few things before taking such a step.

Remember that the wedding is a formal celebration that you can turn into a heartwarming party. Depending on how formal you want to keep it, you can choose the treats that way. For example, very formal weddings require elegant sweets like some luxury chocolate or pastries. Casual weddings go well with festive treats and candies.

Another concern may be your guests. If you decide to give them some sweets with the invitation, make sure they don’t have dietary restrictions, allergies, or problems with their blood sugar.

And the biggest concern of all should be your budget. While planning a wedding is an exhausting process that exhausts your pocket, too, you can consider choosing more affordable sweets or even not to include them at all.

It’s up to you to plan the budget and consider the mentioned factors before sharing some sweets together with the memories of your wedding.

Ideas for Including Sweets with Your Wedding Invitations

If you still want to include sweets with your wedding invitation, there are plenty of creative ways to do that. From little pouches to package prints, you can consider choosing from these options:

  • A bag full of tiny sweets attached to each invitation is an elegant way to include candies, chocolates, and nuts
  • A small box that comes with each invitation is also a great way to make a lasting impression on your guests
  • Custom and personalized sweets, for example, printed chocolate covers with wedding details on it

Surely, there are some alternative ways to add sweets to the whole wedding experience. You aren’t limited to the invitations only, and luckily, you can make them part of your wedding favors.

Many newlyweds thank the wedding guests with a small jar of honey, a bag of sweets, personalized candy bars, etc. Another great idea is to include a custom sweet table for your wedding reception. Include a variety of sweets in your reception so every guest can choose what they like most.

What Kind of Sweets to Include in Wedding Invitations?

What Kind of Sweets to Include in Wedding Invitations?

When carrying wedding invitations, it’s important to know that not every sweet can be part of your story. For example, if you send invitations through the mail and they need to arrive in another city or state, chocolates and homemade cakes are not a good choice. They can melt during transport and ruin the whole experience.

In such a case, hard candies, nuts, and dry butter cakes can be good ideas to add sweets to your invitation. You can also make a mix of delicious products that will not be destroyed during transport and put them in a small bag or box.

On the other hand, when you invite directly, that is, when you hand-deliver the invitation, you can include a luxury chocolate with a personalized print in order to make an impression. This can be a great way to invite those who are really close to you and show them how much their presence at your wedding means to you.

When Not to Use Sweets in Wedding Invitations?

When Not to Use Sweets in Wedding Invitations?

The idea of adding something sweet and delicious to your invitations is great, as you leave an impression that everyone will remember. Nothing is better than being a good example of caring for your guests. Of course, you can easily make a mistake, and this means that you should think carefully about whether you should even include sweets with each invitation.

But when is it not a good idea?

  • When you know that one of the invitees has a medical prohibition to consume sweets
  • If the invited person has problems with diabetes
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the sweets
  • If you don’t know if they even like sweets
  • If the people you invite are not close enough to you
  • When you do it just because someone else did it

In fact, there are other ways to show consideration for those you invite to your wedding. Although the invitation is enough to show your intention, you can always add some additional decoration, such as decorative figures, flowers, pieces of fabric from the wedding dress, a photo, or small bottles of wine or liqueur.

Whenever you personalize something, you must consider whether it will appeal to everyone.

Many newlyweds do the sensible thing by personalizing invitations just for their loved ones. However, if you want to make an impression, you have to plan it well and ensure it reflects your creativity and dedication.


Wedding Invitations

As a conclusion of this text, we can say that sweets are a great way to show attention to the people you invite to your wedding. However, we’ve also covered specific situations where this might not be the best idea.

Of course, there are many ways to show consideration and affection to the people you invite to your wedding. Don’t forget that the most important thing is the gesture and that you want to spend time with those you really value.

In such a case, the additions to your wedding invitations are secondary and serve to enhance the overall impression you want to make.